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Electric Leisure Bikes

Merida e Silex 400 MY24 2024
Merida eBig Tour 400 Grey / Black 2024
Merida eBig Tour 600 EQ - Blue/Black *Current Offer
Merida eScultura 400 - Black Electric Urban Bike 2023 *Current Offer
Merida eSilex +600 Electric Road Bike 2023 *Current Offer
Merida eSpresso 400 S EQ
Merida eSpresso 400 S EQ Women's - Red/Black 2024 *Current Offer
Merida eSpresso CC 400 EQ - Green/Black - MY24 2024
Merida eSpresso City 400 EQ Electric Hybrid *Current Offer

Mondraker Prime X Electric Bike Lesiure / Urban 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Thundra X Electric Urban Bike 2024 *Current Offer

Superior Rock Machine
Superior Rock Machine Catherine e90-29 Touring Gry/Grn *Current Offer
Superior Rock Machine Crossride INT e400 B Touring Blk/Wht *Current Offer
Superior Rock Machine SBC 400i Brown *Current Offer
Superior Rock Machine SBT 600i Grey *Current Offer
Superior Rock Machine Storm INT e70-29 Touring Red/Blk/Sil *Current Offer
Superior Rock Machine Torrent INT e50-29 B Gry/Yel

Bike/Frame/Parts - Payments & Deposits

Payment Link
Payment Link Mondraker Crafty R Merlin Blue 2023

Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Merida e-0ne Forty 700 Ebike 2023 *Current Offer
Merida e0ne Sixty - 9000 Ebike 2023 *Current Offer
Merida eOne-Forty 500 Electric MTB *Current Offer
Merida eOne-Sixty 675 - Green/White Electric Mtb 2024
Merida eOne-Sixty 700 SE 2023 *Current Offer
Merida eOne-Sixty 975 SE - Black/Silver 2024 *Current Offer
Merida Merida e0ne-Sixty 875 Electric Bike 2024

Mondraker Crafty Carbon R 2024
Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Crafty Carbon XR 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Crafty R 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Crafty R 2023 *Current Offer
Mondraker Crafty RR 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Crafty XR Bronze / Graphite Grey 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Dune R Electric Mountain Bike 2024
Mondraker Dune RR Light Weight Ebike 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Dune XR Light Weight Enduro EBike 2024
Mondraker Level R 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Level RR 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Level XR 2024
Mondraker Neat RR 2024 *Current Offer

Norco Fluid VLT C1 27.5/29" Bike Silver Ebike 2024
Norco Norco Fluid VLT C2 E-Bike 2024
Norco Range Vlt C2 E-bike Orange/Black *Current Offer
Norco Range VLT High Pivot E Bike 2024

Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Carbon RS (White) *Current Offer
Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Comp Alloy Bike ADVENT X 2023 *Current Offer
Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Pro Carbon (Purple) *Current Offer

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Merida Big Trail 700 - Green 2024 *Current Offer

Full Suspension Frames

Norco Optic C 29 & 29/27.5" Frame Black
Norco Optic C 29 & 29/27.5" Frame Purple
Norco Sight C 29 & 29/27.5" Frame Gold/White

Nukeproof Mega 290 Alloy Frame *Current Offer

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Commencal COMMENCAL META V5 T-TYPE CHALK 2024 *Current Offer
Commencal Meta SX Ohlins Edition *Current Offer
Commencal Meta SX V5 Race Sparkly Blue *Current Offer
Commencal Meta SX V5 T- Type Chalk 2024 *Current Offer
Commencal Supreme DH V5 Essential Aqua Blue 2024 *Current Offer
Commencal SUPREME DH V5 ESSENTIAL Heritage Green 2024 *Current Offer
Commencal SUPREME DH V5 OHLINS EDITION YELLOW 2024 *Current Offer
Commencal SUPREME DH V5 SIGNATURE LTD PURE WHITE 2024 *Current Offer

Merida One Forty 500 Grey 2023 *Current Offer
Merida One Forty 700 - Teal 2024 *Current Offer
Merida One Sixty - 6000 2023 *Current Offer
Merida One Sixty 10k Green 2023 *Current Offer
Merida One Sixty 8000 Black 2023 *Current Offer
Merida One Sixty FR - 400 2024 *Current Offer
Merida One-Sixty FR 600 - Black/Grey/Green - MY24 2024 *Current Offer

Mondraker Foxy R 2024
Mondraker Summum Mullet DH Alloy 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Summum R Mullet Downhill Mountainbike 2024 *Current Offer
Mondraker Super Foxy 2023 *Current Offer
Mondraker Super Foxy Carbon R 2023 *Current Offer

Norco Fluid Fs 1 Green/Grey *Current Offer
Norco Fluid Fs C2 Black/Chrome *Current Offer
Norco Optic C2 29" Bike Grey
Norco Range C2 Brown/Copper
Norco Sight A1 High Pivot Bike Black/Gold 29 2024
Norco Sight C2 29" Bike Black

Vitus Sommet CRX 297 2023 *Current Offer

Road, Gravel & Multi-use

Merida Reacto 4000 - Blue/Silver 2024
Merida Reacto 9000 - White/Teal Road Bike 2024 *Current Offer
Merida Scultura 6000 Di2 - Black/Silver 2023 *Current Offer
Merida Scultura 8000 Di2 Road Bike 2024
Merida Scultura Endurance 9000 Green AXS Road Bike 2024

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